Here’s A Checklist To Help You Decide On What Modifications Are Needed In Your Home

Exterior Entrances and Exits
•Condition of walk and drive surfaces
•Are handrails or ramps needed?
•Check threshold height
•Ability to use knobs and keys
•Are house numbers visible at night and from the street? Interior Doors, Stairs and Halls
•Are floors level at thresholds?
•Are halls wide enough and free of clutter to maneuver safely?

•Are all sink basin, tub faucets and shower controls manageable?
•Can you safely access the shower and tub?
•Are grab bars or a tub/shower seat needed?
•Note toilet height; ability to reach paper, flush and stand and sit easily.

•Check overall lighting levels for task lighting
•Sink and counter heights
•Are shelving and storage easily Accessible?
•Is there adequate counter space? Living, Dining and Bedrooms
•Do chair, sofa and bed heights allow for easy standing and sitting?
•Are there area rugs or trip hazards?
•Are you able to turn on TV, light or make a phone call from bed or chair?

•Are you able to easily access the washer and dryer?
•Can shut off valves be easily reached?

Telephone and Doors
•Are phone jacks near the bed, sofa and chair?
•Are you able to get to the phone, dial and hear caller?
•Are you able to identify visitors and hear the doorbell?
•Can you reach the empty mailbox?
•Is there a need for a wireless phone or answering phone?
•Can you easily turn all door knobs in your home?

Storage Space
•Are you able to reach closet rods and hooks?
•Can you open bureau drawers?

•Are locks and opening mechanisms easy to operate?
•Are storm windows and screens functional?

Electrical Outlets and Controls
•Are there sufficient outlets? Extension cord hazards?
•Are there ground fault outlets in kitchen and bathrooms?
•Are there light switches at the entrance to each room?
•Check outlet heights and wall locations Heat, Light, Ventilation, Smoke, Carbon Monoxide, Water Temp Control
•Are there smoke/CO alarms and a working fire extinguisher?
•Are thermostat displays easily accessible and readable?
•Check all rooms for poor light levels
•Do all windows and patio doors slide open easily?
•Are drapes and curtains easily opened and not a trip hazard?
•Are heating and cooling systems serviced regularly?
•Check the temperature of hot water heaters

Today you can preplan and modify your home to accommodate a changing life-style by incorporating universal design concepts, products and services.
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